Dementia can make it difficult for your mom to know how to dress for the weather. She has no idea what time of year she’s in. You might find her wanting to wear a winter jacket and boots on the hottest day of the summer. She may want to run around in shorts and a t-shirt in below-zero temperatures. In the heat of summer, she’s complaining about the air conditioning being too cold. She comes out in jeans and a sweater and then says she’s too hot.

How can you help your mom dress appropriately for the weather? These tips can help you figure out how to get her to dress for the weather without frustrating her, and how personal care at home can help.

Put Away Clothes That Don’t Match the Season

Your mom doesn’t need her swimsuit and flip-flops in the middle of the winter. Put those away until spring arrives. Her winter jackets, sweaters, socks, and boots should go into storage in the summer. If they’re not in her cupboards or drawers, she won’t pull them out and try to wear them.

Lay Out Options the Night Before

Let your mom choose, but limit her to a few options. If you know it will start cool and get warmer, set out yoga pants and jeans, a t-shirt and a tank top, and a cardigan and a fleece pullover. She can choose her undergarments and socks.

She’ll have a choice over what she wears, but you’ve had the chance to provide options that suit the weather. She’ll be happy, and you know she’s in layers that can be taken on and off as needed.

Give Her a Choice

Let her pick out the clothes she wears. Once she does, you can fill in the gaps. If she picks shorts and a tank top on a cold, rainy day, add sweatpants and a sweatshirt. She may not wear them at first, but she’ll put them on if she gets cold.

Clothing that is easy to put on and take off will be the things she gravitates to. Look for pants that pull-on, such as yoga pants. Choose shirts that pull on loosely over the head, meaning avoid turtlenecks.

Set Her Up With Personal Care at Home Services

End the struggles you have with your mom each morning. You don’t have to turn up the heat to keep her warm or crank up the AC to ensure she’s cool enough. Personal care at home aides can help her dress appropriately.

Hire personal care at home services to ensure your mom has a selection of clothing each morning that provides layers. She can add a layer if she’s cold or take them off if she’s warm. She’ll be layered up to help insulate her from winter’s cold if she goes outside. Call a home care agency to learn more.

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