If your elderly family member isn’t getting quality sleep, that affects every part of her life. These ideas might help a little bit.

Routines Really Do Help with a Lot of Issues

Routines may be something your senior has tried to avoid, especially strict routines, but they really can help her with a variety of situations. Sleep in particular is a lot easier to manage when your elderly family member has some solid routines to lean on during the day. Routines help her to know what to expect each day and they also help her to ensure that she’s meeting all of her goals.

Do What You Can to Help Her to Stay Active During the Day

When your elderly family member doesn’t do much during the day, that can lead to boredom, lethargy, and general dissatisfaction with her life. Having a more active role in her day every single day can help her to stay engaged in life and that has a huge payoff. By the time she’s ready for sleep, it’ll be a lot easier for her to ease into sleeping.

Make Sure Her Sleep Environment Supports Good Sleep

Something that’s easy to overlook is your senior’s sleeping environment. If that doesn’t support her ability to sleep, it’s going to interfere with sleep instead. Choosing curtains that help to blocks excess light and even dampen exterior noise can really help. Double check things like the thermostat settings overnight to find the right combination for your senior.

Remove Barriers to Solid Sleep

What else is keeping your senior from sleeping? Some people find it’s difficult to sleep when they’re doing too much. Others find that when the days all blend together, sleep gets more complicated. Having in-home care can help with a lot of these issues. In-home care providers can take over tasks that are keeping your senior too busy, giving her space to actually relax. Elderly care providers can also help your senior to stick to her routine, giving it structure that allows her to orient herself more readily to time of day and even to the day of the week.

Your senior’s sleep concerns can be a lot more complicated than just not going to bed at the right time every day. If she keeps having trouble sleeping, it’s a good idea to reach out to her doctor to see if you can figure out what’s going on.

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