Some seniors love animals, and pets can be great companions to have when aging in place. But there comes the point when a senior can no longer care for an animal. Even with help from home care assistance, they may not be capable of taking care of a dog or small animal like a bunny. Having responsibilities even in old age is important, but not if it puts animals in danger. If your senior can no longer care for their animals, it’s time to give them up and find different solutions. Home care assistance can be there to support your senior as they deal with no longer owning a pet, as well as take them to get some hands-on time with animals Here are some solutions if your senior doesn’t have a pet and needs an animal fix.

Visit an Animal Shelter

Not only can you visit an animal shelter, but you can also volunteer with animals! If your seniors know they can’t have any more animals, the shelter may allow them to socialize with the animals. This not only helps the animals get used to people, but it allows seniors to be around little furry friends and may give them something to look forward to. If a senior wants to do this, home care assistance can help add it to their weekly schedule and may even provide transportation. Volunteering at an animal shelter can help seniors to stay active, build new relationships, and combat feelings of loneliness. Animal companionship also provides health benefits for seniors, such as reduced stress and improved physical and mental health.

Go To a Petting Zoo

Sometimes animal shelters won’t accept new volunteers or have an intake process that can be too strict for a senior. If that happens, try a petting zoo. This is a place where tons of animals look for human interaction. Petting zoos are great for seniors because they can get close to animals and interact in a safe and controlled environment. In addition, these types of zoos may be spread out and allow a senior to move around and walk around, which can be healthy for them too!

Visit a Friend With Pets

If your senior had to give their pet to a friend, ask their friend if they would let the senior come visit. This is a good way to see their beloved furry friends thrive and make the seniors feel happy with their choice. If your senior didn’t have to give up their pet, find a friend for your senior with pets! Set a friend date so the senior can leave the house, meet the friend, and see the animals.

Find a Low Maintenance Pet

Last but not least, try to find a low-maintenance pet. Your senior loved one may not be able to handle a dog, but they may be able to handle a pet fish or another small pet that requires little care. Evaluate what your senior can do and their energy levels before buying a pet, and always ask home care assistance what they’re comfortable helping with before you make your decisions.

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