Unfortunately, as your loved one gets older, they may have a difficult time dressing themselves. This can be very frustrating for them. They may even feel embarrassed about not being able to do it on their own. Let them know it is alright. You and their elder care providers are available to assist them in any way they need. It might be helpful for you to know how to assist them with dressing.

Simplifying Their Choices

It is important that you start simplifying the choices that your elderly loved one has with their clothing. Just because they are unable to dress themselves, that doesnt mean they shouldnt be able to pick out their own clothing. If you set two outfits out for them each day, they can choose which one they want to wear.


When you are helping your elderly loved one to get dressed, you want to make organization a priority. Put their clothing out in an ordered fashion. For example, lay out their shirt first, then their underwear, then their pants, and finally their socks. This will allow them to get dressed more easily. You can even direct them on how to put each piece of clothing on one by one.

Picking Out Comfortable Clothing

The other thing you should always keep in mind is to choose comfortable clothing for your elderly loved one. They are likely going to want something a little loose, so it is easier to pull on. Choose clothing that stretches to make it easier for them to get dressed, too. You will also want to make sure the shoes they are going to be wearing are comfortable, as well. They should be non-slip shoes.


It is likely that your elderly loved one is going to want to wear the same clothes over and over again. If this happens, just buy multiples of the same type of clothing. This way you can still wash the clothing they wear and they will still be happy about what they are wearing, as well. You must be flexible with what your elderly loved one wants to wear. If you try to fight them on it, there will likely be an argument or a breakdown. Neither of these is what you want to happen.

These are some of the tips on how you can help your elderly loved one when dressing

themselves becomes too difficult. Make sure you follow these tips to make the dressing process easier for everyone involved. Be sure your loved ones elder care providers know the process for dressing them, too.


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