Checking to make sure your elderly loved one isnt Vitamin D deficient is important. If your loved one is deficient in this vitamin, it could impact their health in many ways. They might seem much more tired without enough Vitamin D. Your loved one could even become depressed if they are deficient in this vitamin. How can you or senior care providers tell if your loved one is Vitamin D deficient?

Fatigue and Weakness

Does your elderly loved one seem fatigued? Do they have a difficult time getting out of bed? Are they having a tough time getting up out of their chair? Have they complained that they feel weaker than normal? If you have noticed these things with your elderly loved one, they could be Vitamin D deficient. This is something that you will want to talk to their doctor about at their next appointment.

Muscle Fatigue and Muscle Pain

Two other things that you might notice if your elderly loved one is deficient in Vitamin D are muscle fatigue and muscle pains. Has your elderly loved one had a difficult time getting around lately? Do they complain that their body hurts on a regular basis? One of the causes for these issues is a Vitamin D deficiency.

Pain and Swelling in Joints and Bones

Has your elderly loved one recently been experiencing pain and swelling in their joints and bones? Maybe you have noticed they have a tougher time moving their arms and legs. They might even complain about this issue. You might notice they are taking much more ibuprofen or other anti-inflammatory medication than they used to. This could be a sign that your elderly loved one is Vitamin D deficient.

Trouble Concentrating

Another sign of Vitamin D deficiency is trouble concentrating. With the proper vitamins in the body, concentration could be affected. With this being said, there could be many reasons for this symptom. Keep an eye on it and mention this symptom to your loved ones doctor when you can.

Increased Sweating

With Vitamin D deficiency, you might also notice that your elderly loved one sweats much more than usual. They will even be sweating when it isnt hot outside or inside their home.

If you notice these symptoms in your elderly loved one, you should have their doctor test for a Vitamin D deficiency. If your loved one is deficient in this vitamin, their doctor might either prescribe them a high dose of Vitamin D or have them get it over-the-counter.


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