Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, known most often as COPD, is a serious breathing problem that impacts millions of people. One of the worst parts about COPD is the emotional impact of having trouble breathing. Anxiety is a massive issue and almost everyone with COPD battles some degree of anxiety on a daily basis.

Learn as Much about COPD as Possible

That old saying about how knowledge is power is oft-repeated because its true. When you and your elderly family member learn as much as you both can about COPD and how it impacts her life, you’re going to be able to battle the anxiety with facts. Your seniors doctor is a great source of information about how COPD impacts her directly. From there, branch out and just keep learning.

Join COPD Support Groups

Learning from people who have been there too is another great way to get information. Your elderly family member can find plenty of COPD support groups made up of people just like her, living right now with COPD. There are also meetings for caregivers, which can help you to learn what you need to know to be a caregiver to someone with COPD.

Put Together a Resource List for When Things Are Really Scary

When your seniors anxiety is really getting the better of her, it helps to have a resource list she can go to and pick and choose the tools that are going to help her the most. Some of the resources you might include on the list could be breathing exercises, guided meditations that help her to calm her breathing, and even elder care providers who can take over chores that are becoming too taxing for her. Elder care providers are key to your senior being able to conserve her energy for when she needs it most.

Talk through How Shes Feeling

Talking about her feelings can help your elderly family member to manage those feelings more effectively. If she finds it difficult to talk about what is going on mentally, she might find it easier to talk to a therapist or counselor who understands COPD. Reducing the impact of her emotions can help her to breathe more easily, even during an exacerbation.

Empowering your senior to do something about her feelings of anxiety can help her to be more proactive about her COPD, too. She may not be able to cure COPD, but she can take steps to manage it as well as possible.

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