Around 93 million adults in the U.S. have a higher risk for eye diseases like cataracts, diabetic retinopathy, glaucoma, and macular degeneration. Of those people with a higher risk, only half regularly go for eye exams.

Your dad has macular degeneration. Caught early, many of these conditions can be treated to prevent vision loss. Macular degeneration’s vision loss takes years, but if caught early, there are nutritional supplements that can keep it from reaching the late stage of the disease. The recommended supplements contain:

  • Beta-carotene
  • Copper
  • Lutein
  • Vitamin C
  • Vitamin E
  • Zeaxanthin
  • Zinc

As you age, your body changes, and with macular degeneration, the aging process damages the portion of the retina known as the macula by causing it to become thinner. The macula controls sharp details of the central vision. As the condition worsens, the central vision fades away, making it impossible to drive a car and see objects or people in front of you.

Your dad failed to see his eye doctor, and he has macular degeneration. Because it wasn’t caught early, your dad never took the supplements that can keep it from becoming late AMD. His vision is deteriorating, and that’s impacting his ability to care for himself.

This is one reason to sit down as a family and discuss personal care at home. Talk to your family about the benefits of having caregivers and what they can do to help your dad.

Help With Brushing and Flossing

Your dad can’t see well enough to effectively brush and floss his teeth. Because he can’t see his teeth as he flosses, he needs help. Caregivers can help him brush and floss his teeth after each meal.

Assistance While Showering

Your dad needs someone to help him as he gets in and out of the shower. He has to have someone set the water control to get the temperature of the water correct. He also needs help reading the labels on bottles to ensure he has the right item. Personal care at home can help him with that.

After his shower, his caregiver can also help him with his skin lotion, shave his face, and hand him eye drops if he needs them. If he needs someone to find specific items of clothing, his personal care attendant can help with that, too.

Book Home Care Services for Your Dad’s Personal Care Needs

August is National Eye Exam Month. Take time to book your dad’s eye exam if he doesn’t currently have one. He has macular degeneration, so don’t let him miss appointments anymore. You also want to arrange the personal care at home services he needs as his eyesight diminishes.

Hire personal care at home aides to help him shave, get showered, and put on appropriate clothing. Call a personal care specialist to learn more.



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