Is your elderly loved one suffering from respiratory health issues? Maybe, they have allergies or an upper respiratory infection. These are just a couple of reasons why elderly people may have issues breathing or experience other respiratory symptoms. The good news is that many senior citizens can improve their respiratory health with the tips mentioned here today. Hopefully, these tips can help your elderly loved one, too.

Getting Checkups

Does your elderly loved one have respiratory health issues? If so, it is very important that they are seeing a doctor for these issues. Getting a diagnosis, if there is one, can help to ensure your elderly loved one is getting the proper treatments. You can help your elderly loved one to follow through with the treatment plan. If needed, you can get companion care at home services, too. The senior care providers can remind your loved one to take medications needed to improve their respiratory health, as well.

Stop Smoking

Does your elderly loved one smoke? If they are a smoker, that is only going to make their respiratory health worse. Most elderly people who are smokers have done so for a very long time. It can be tough to quit. However, the CDC and many other organizations do have resources and tips to help people quit smoking. You can also take your elderly loved one to their doctor to get them a prescription for nicotine-cessation products. If they can quit smoking, it can help to improve their respiratory health in a matter of hours. The longer your elderly loved one quits smoking, the better their respiratory health can get.

Better Home Environment

Does your elderly loved one have plants in their house? How often does their house get dusted? Do they have an air purifier? If the air in your elderly loved one’s house is filled with dust and allergens, it could make their respiratory health decline quickly. This is why it is so important for someone to help your elderly loved one keep their home environment clear from as much dust and allergens as possible. You can hire home care providers who can turn on the air purifier and help to dust your elderly loved one’s home regularly.


These are some of the best tips for improving your elderly loved one’s respiratory health. You can even get companion care at home for your elderly loved one. The elderly care providers can also help to keep your loved one’s home environment clearer from allergens and dust.


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