Caring for an elderly adult can be tough at times. You need to help with their daily living activities, doctors appointments, meals, and more. It is also important that you know more about the vaccinations that your elderly loved one should be getting. There are many diseases that could be prevented in your elderly loved one if they get the proper vaccinations. If your elderly loved one is going to get vaccinations, they may need boosters with them. This is something you should discuss with their doctor or the health department that gives the vaccines.

Flu Vaccine

One of the vaccinations that your elderly loved one should get is the flu vaccine. Senior citizens have a greater risk of becoming seriously ill from influenza than many of the younger adults do. This is because their immune system is weaker and can’t handle the symptoms of the flu. Every year there are far too many elderly adults being hospitalized or losing their life due to the flu. If your elderly loved one has yet to get the flu vaccine, they should contact the health department or their doctor to get it right away.

Tdap or Td Vaccine

Another vaccination that your elderly loved one may need to get is the Tdap or Td vaccine. Td booster vaccines will help to protect your elderly loved one against diphtheria and tetanus. Tdap vaccines help your loved one to be protected from whooping cough. Each of these diseases could cause a fatal reaction in your elderly loved one. With all the problems that could arise as a result of these diseases, you should make sure your elderly loved one gets these vaccinations.

Pneumococcal Vaccine

An infection-based disease known as pneumococcal disease can cause problems for your elderly loved one, as well. Bacteria causes this disease. If your elderly loved one gets pneumococcal disease they could also get a blood infection, bacterial meningitis, middle-ear infection, or pneumonia. In some instances, these conditions can be fatal. The only way that your elderly loved one can prevent pneumococcal disease is with the vaccination.

Zoster Vaccine

This is a vaccine that will protect your elderly loved one from shingles. Shingles are very painful and the rash can be very difficult to deal with. While this vaccine doesn’t protect your loved one fully from this disease, it does lower their risk of getting it significantly. Also, if your loved one gets shingles after getting the vaccine, it won’t be quite as severe.

These are some of the vaccines that could help your elderly loved one to prevent disease and illness. You or your loved ones’ home care provider can drive them to their health department or doctor’s appointment to get these vaccines.


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