Assessing your seniors needs is a vital part of being her family caregiver. There are a few key areas that you need to focus on, but they can feel overwhelming at first. If you can get help from the very beginning, thats a lot easier for both you and your elderly family member.

Nutritional Assistance and Meal Prep

Getting the nutrients that she needs is vital for your seniors overall health and well-being. If shes relying on prepackaged foods, shes likely not getting the nutrition that she should. Having someone taking care of meal preparation for her can be the perfect solution to make sure that your elderly family member is eating healthier foods more often.

Dealing with Medical Concerns

Health issues, especially conditions that are new for your senior, are difficult to manage at times. Your elderly family member may need emotional support, but more importantly she requires physical support. She may need someone to help her to do things like test blood sugar levels or blood pressure, all of which can be a key part of managing her health properly.

Managing Home Safety

Safety at home involves a lot of moving parts for your elderly family member. There are maintenance issues, like flooring that may need repair, as well as safety devices that might need to be added. Adjusting lighting to compensate for fading vision is just one solution you might need to consider.

Getting Around More Easily

Your seniors ability to get around safely involves multiple concerns, too. First theres the ability for her to walk safely, whether thats with assistive devices like a cane or walker or on her own. If your elderly family member is at higher risk for falling, those assistive devices can help her to avoid that problem. But theres more to getting around. If shes unable to drive, that requires some assistance in other ways.

Taking Care of Hygiene Issues

Can your elderly family member still handle personal care tasks on her own? These tasks involve bathing, toileting, and getting dressed. If those tasks are becoming more difficult, you may need to change how you assist her. This can be a tough adjustment both for your senior and for you.


This is all a lot for a caregiver to manage. Having help from elder care services can make all of these concerns much easier to handle. Find out more about how elder care providers can help you and your senior.

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