The CDC recently changed its recommendation on wearing face masks. In addition to social isolation techniques, homemade cloth face masks are recommended if you have to go into public areas. They’re recommending them during trips to grocery stores and pharmacies.

Buying a mask is not going to be easy. As a result, most people are making their own masks. It’s an easy project that your parents and children can help you with. Here are the steps you need to take to make a homemade cloth mask that doesn’t require any sewing.

Gather Your Supplies

To make these masks, you want cotton bandannas or cotton fabric squares that are at least the 22 by 22 standard square. Oversize bandannas may be better if you can find them. You also want two extra-large rubber bands or hair ties for each face mask.

Wash the Fabric Square

Before you start, you should wash the cotton square in hot water. Dry it completely in the dryer. You want the fabric shrink as much as it’s going to. This way, you don’t have to worry about washing it later and finding it no longer fits. It also ensures you’re starting with sterile material.

Make the Mask

Take the cotton fabric square and fold it to the middle of the cloth from the top and then the bottom. Repeat that step again with the folded portions. You now have a narrow rectangle. Slide a rubber band or hair tie on one end and repeat. You want the rubber band to be positioned about three inches from the edges.

Fold in the edges so that each end covers the rubber band and reaches the center of the rectangle. At this point, the homemade cloth mask is ready to wear. Hold it steady as you cover your mouth and nose with the cloth and loop the rubber bands around both ears. Shift the fabric as needed to completely cover your nose and mouth.

Do you need a visual to help you? Watch the CDC’s instructional video to see how they recommend making the .

Keep a Few Homemade Masks in Your Car

Keep a few masks in your car. If you or your parents have to go out, the masks are already there for you to use. You won’t have to worry about forgetting them. After each use, toss them into the wash and soak the hair tie or rubber band in a bleach solution to kill any germs.

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