Every day in the U.S., around 9,500 people are diagnosed with skin cancer. By the age of 70, there’s a 20% chance you’ll have skin cancer. This is one of the points to consider during Summer Sun Safety Month.

Another issue is heat stroke. During a 2019 heatwave, researchers studied how it affected people on the West Coast, specifically in the states of Alaska, Idaho, Oregon, and Washington. ER visits related to heat were 69 times higher on the hottest days of this heatwave. During that time, more than 3,500 people sought ER treatment for heatstroke.

When your mom spends time in the sun, she has to protect her skin. She also needs to make sure she’s limiting sun exposure and staying as cool as she can. Hanging out in AC, if she has it, is important. When she’s outside, she needs to stay hydrated and protect her skin.

Choose the Right Sunscreen

Make sure the sunscreen you buy for your mom protects against UVA and UVB rays. It’s often labeled broad-spectrum. A mineral-based sunscreen is a better option for aging skin as it tends to be thicker and gets applied properly, plus it’s gentle on aging skin.

Choose a sunscreen that’s at least 35 SPF. Waterproof is good, but your mom still needs to apply it after getting out of a pool or other water source. She also needs to reapply it if she’s been sweating while working in her garden or taking a walk.

Aerosol sunscreen is easy to put on, but people often don’t put enough on. If your mom prefers a spray-on sunscreen, make sure she’s putting on a thick layer. A quick spray isn’t enough. If she has a lotion, the general advice is to fill a shot glass with sunscreen. That’s how much she needs.

When your mom chooses a face moisturizer, look for one that contains sunscreen. The skin on the ears, forehead, and eyelids is thin and prone to burning. Make sure it’s protected. When she’s outside, a wide-brimmed hat also helps protect her face from the sun.

Wear Loose, Protective Clothing

If your mom has a hard time applying sunscreen, remembering when to drink more water, or come inside after a certain amount of time, consider home care services. Hire caregivers to make sure your mom is covered in sunscreen about 15 minutes before she goes outside. Have a caregiver help your mom choose lightweight, protective clothing.

A home care specialist is ready to answer your questions, go over prices, and help you arrange the services your mom needs. Scheduling services is easy to do over the phone or by filling out a quick online form.



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