Many entrepreneurs want to get into the home care industry. They see the value and the rewarding nature of this field. Some may consider starting a home care business from scratch, but many more will look for a home care franchise opportunity like CareBuilders at Home. While there are certainly many ways to start a home care business, we’re here to tell you some of the biggest reasons you should choose a home care franchise instead of trying to go it alone.

Expertise Matters

When starting a home care business, it’s extremely important to understand the nuances of the industry and have experience within the home care field. Our founders have more than 30 years of experience in the home care industry and they’re eager to share all the insights they’ve learned along the way.

From best practices for a home care business to the most effective ways to manage relationships with clients, caregivers and others with whom home care franchise owners regularly interact, having the expertise of industry insiders on your side can provide a wealth of knowledge you wouldn’t have access to otherwise.

Support When You Need It

If you open a business on your own, you’re on the hook for every aspect of that new business. That means being your own HR department, collections department, and even tech support. All those activities quickly add up and result in much longer workdays, less productivity throughout each day, and a much longer list of tasks on your plate.

All of your operations are simplified when you own a home care franchise. When that franchise is CareBuilders at Home, things get simpler still. Because we cover all your back-office needs for you, including HR, billing, collections, IT, and much more, you get complete support to make running your business—and simplifying your life—easier.

Get Help Finding Clients

With any new business, whether it’s a franchise or not, you need to build up or your roster of clients in the early stages. That can be a tall order when you’re also trying to build name recognition and brand awareness. Especially in the home care business, potential clients will want to vet any business to whom they entrust their loved one’s care. Having a trusted brand behind you gives you an edge over newly established home care businesses.

Get Help Finding Staff

In the same way name recognition helps home care franchises find clients, it can also help you find caregivers and other staff. Top talent within the home care industry are more willing to work for names they know and brands they’re proud to promote.

Additionally, because your staff will be employed directly by CareBuilders at Home, they’ll be paid promptly, without having to wait for the collections process. That’s something a home care startup wouldn’t be able to promise.

Established Policies and Procedures

Starting a home care business on your own means spending a great deal of time upfront creating policies and procedures to keep your business on track and ensure you’re following all appropriate regulations and requirements. It’s a daunting task that’s only made harder by the fact that regulations and licensing requirements can vary so drastically between areas. When you own a home care franchise, however, all that work has been done for you. It’s one of the biggest reasons savvy entrepreneurs in any industry choose franchising over starting from scratch.

From information about licensure to franchise and employee training, CareBuilders at Home has policies and procedures in place to take much of the guesswork out of owning a home care business. You’ll have complete access to the tools, training, and support you need to build a home care business more effectively and efficiently.

Find the Right Size Franchise for You

Along with the above benefits, franchising allows you to be selective about your opportunity. You get to search for the perfect franchise for your needs, the best franchise in the industry, and the opportunity with available territory in your preferred market.

With a CareBuilders at Home franchise, you’ll have the direct attention of experts in the industry as well as the opportunity to contribute to the growth and development of the organization. You’ll be able to stretch your entrepreneurial muscles and rely on a system proven throughout the industry at the same time. To learn more, reach out to us. Starting your own home care business is possible, and franchising with CareBuilders at Home makes every aspect of the process easier.