Senior Care in Maple Grove MNWhen the weather is warm and there is not a cloud in the sky, the last thing most people want to do is be stuck indoors. Yet, for many older adults with health problems, that is the reality they face. These seniors may find it challenging to walk for long periods of time or require equipment or other items, making it stressful to spend an afternoon outside of the comforts of their home.

As challenging as it is for them to spend even a little time outside, it is important. Spending time in the sun will help the elder soak up vitamin D, while participating in light physical activities could rid their body of depression, anxiety, or some of the aches and pains they are feeling as a result of a medical condition. A senior care provider can be hired to spend time with your loved one every day, encouraging them to spend some time outdoors. With the help of this elder care aide and a little planning, the elder will be ready to leave their home and breathe in fresh air that only the outdoors can supply.

Make a list. Will the elder require certain equipment or items during the outing? If so, create a list of these items and make sure their caregiver also has a copy. This list could consist of:

  • Hearing aids and hearing aid batteries
  • Extra eyeglasses
  • Mobility devices, such as a walker or wheelchair
  • Plenty of water
  • Medications
  • Sunblock
  • Snacks

Plan the outing. Seniors with physical restrictions might find it challenging to hike up a mountain or steep hill. Plan the outing based on the abilities of the elder. Also, if they use a wheelchair, make sure there is wheelchair access. Seniors with these types of limitations may prefer a simple outing, such as shopping or going to the park, instead of going on a hike. Take into consideration the types of activities the elder enjoys and plan the day with those ideas in mind.

Stay close to home. Spending the day close to home will make both the caregiver and the elder happy. First of all, if an item is forgotten at home, it will not take long to go back and retrieve whatever was left. Second of all, a day full of activities outside of the home can quickly deplete the elder of their energy. They may be in need of a nap, so being near their home will make it easy to let them take a nap in their own bed.

Getting out of the house will definitely help to keep you and your senior loved one sane. Try out these planning tips to make the outing run as smooth as possible.

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