Multiple sclerosis (MS) is a somewhat mysterious disease. Doctors dont know exactly what causes a person to develop the condition. It also has no known cure. On top of that, the symptoms that one person has may not be the same as the next persons symptoms. It all depends on which nerves are affected. Fortunately, research is ongoing, and scientists hope to find more effective treatments and a cure one day. Scientists learn new things about the disease all the time. Therefore, it’s not surprising to hear that there are all kinds of lasting myths about MS that even those who know someone affected by the disease may not know the truth about. Here are five myths that you may not know weren’t true.

Myth #1: Having MS Means No Exercising

Truth: Doctors once thought that when people with MS exercised their symptoms got worse. So, they advised their patients not to do it. Now, though, doctors know that its better for people with MS to stay active. Exercise can improve mood. It can also increase strength, balance, and endurance. However, people with MS need to be especially careful of getting too hot because it can make MS symptoms worse.

Myth #2: People with MS Always Need a Wheelchair

Truth: The majority of people with MS don’t end up with severe physical disabilities. They may have to use a walker or cane, but many don’t need a wheelchair. However, because too much physical activity can be exhausting for some people with MS, they may choose to use a motorized scooter on outings so that they can conserve energy.

Myth #3: MS Isn’t Painful

Truth: Health care providers sometimes dont think of pain as a symptom of MS. However, people who suffer from MS do report feeling pain as part of the disease. The pain can be chronic and may even get worse over time. People with MS who have pain should talk to their doctors about ways to manage the pain.

Myth #4: There’s Nothing a Person with MS Can Do to Feel Better

Truth: There are actually lots of things a person with MS can do to feel better. Some lifestyle changes can ease symptoms and improve overall health. It may even be possible to make the progression of the disease slower. Some things that can help are losing weight, quitting smoking, eating well, and exercising.

Myth #5: It’s Impossible for People with MS to Age in Place

Truth: Older adults with MS can remain in their homes as they age, but they might need some help to do so. That’s where home care can help. Home care providers can come to the seniors home as much as needed. They can help with household tasks that tire the MS patient or are too difficult for them to do because of their symptoms. Home care providers can help with house cleaning, laundry, and cooking. Home care can also drive people with MS to their medical appointments, the grocery store, and many other places, which means they can stay at home, but don’t have to be stuck in the house.


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