Elderly Care in Eden Prairie MN

Elderly Care in Eden Prairie MNWhen you took on the role of being a family caregiver for your aging parent it was likely because you wanted to help them live the highest quality of life possible. You knew that they needed care and assistance to help them manage their needs and challenges, or to help them cope with a new diagnosis. As you progressed along this journey with them, however, you might have found that their needs were more pressing than you anticipated, and that you would benefit from some extra help to fulfill your parent’s care. As you are considering reaching out to others to find help in caring for your elderly parent, it is normal and natural for you to feel nervous about this change. It is important to you to remain in control of your parent’s care so that you can feel confident they will get everything they need even as others are introduced into your care network.

Use these tips to help you accept help while staying in control of your parent’s care:

• Make a care tasks lists. Sit down and evaluate everything that your parent needs done for them on a regular basis. This should be a complete list, including everything from going grocery shopping for them to helping them with their laundry. Having everything written out will ensure that you find the appropriate help and do not overlook any needs.

• Establish your abilities and limits. Before asking for help it is important that you know exactly how much help you will need and what type of help is most pressing. Take some time to evaluate your parent’s care needs and establish what you are able to do for them and what types of tasks you will not be able to do. This will clarify what you need others to help you accomplish.

• Delegate clearly. When someone offers to help you care for your parent, delegate the tasks that you need handled most. Give each person who is going to help a specific task to complete so that you are able to cross this off your to-do list and know that it will be handled.

If your parent’s challenges and limitations are more than you feel that you can handle, now may be the ideal time for you to start elderly care for your senior. An elderly home care services provider can step in to fill any care gaps that you have so that you can feel completely confident that they are getting everything that they need in order to stay safe, healthy, comfortable, and happy as they age in place. This can be valuable when you recognize that you have limitations that keep you from being able to efficiently, effectively, safely, and comfortably manage all of your parent’s needs. The customized approach to care given by this care provider means that you continue to be at the forefront of your parent’s care while still being able to fulfill other obligations of your life and respecting your own limitations.

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