Relationships can be difficult enough, but when you add caregiving to the mix, they can be even more complicated. Your significant other probably understands your need to be a caregiver, and that support is invaluable. But you also need to nurture and respect the relationship you have with that person so that you can continue to be there for each other.

You Have to Open the Lines of Communication

Being a caregiver often means that youre already balancing a lot on your plate. But you cant necessarily turn off your other responsibilities just because youre caring for your aging family member. Its important to make sure that youre openly communicating with your significant other. Let them know what youre going through and what you are thinking and feeling. Be sure to listen to the same from them.

Get Help When You Need It

It may feel as if you have to do everything, but thats not necessarily true. Everyone needs help, even your aging family member understands that. It might be time to hire home care providers to take over some of the tasks that have been draining you of time and energy. That allows you to be more present in your other relationships and even take time for yourself.

Pay Some Closer Attention to the Relationship Itself

Sometimes when there is stress and strain, the relationship itself has been ignored. When youve got better communication, you might start to realize that you need to be around each other more often, doing things that you enjoy. Set aside a specific time to be together and pick something you both enjoy. Make it a habit to spend as much time together as your schedules allow.

Respect Your Own Boundaries

Its a big problem when other people are trampling on your boundaries, but its worse when youre disregarding your own boundaries. Get to know where your limits are and then enforce those, even for yourself. You may want to be all things to all people, especially your aging adult, but there are times when youll have to say no and stick to that.

Your significant other may deeply understand why youre doing what youre doing, but that doesnt mean that your relationship can sit on hold forever. You might need to make some changes that allow you to be a caregiver and to be present in your own life so that youre able to respect all of your commitments.

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