Senior Care in Coon Rapids MNRelaxation is important for both seniors and caregivers who experience chronic stress. As you may know, stress can effect health in negative ways for people of all ages. It can even lead to or exacerbate chronic medical conditions. In todays world of busy schedules, technology, and the need to do it all, more and more people are finding less and less time to relax – even seniors who are retired! For this reason, August 15th is celebrated as National Relaxation Day, a day to get some rest and relaxation and to begin some new habits to help you and your senior loved one to relax more often. If you or your loved one battles with chronic stress, read on for some new things you can try to get relaxation back into your lives.

Relaxation Routine

As a caregiver, you probably know the importance of routine for your loved one. You probably strive to serve meals at the same times each day, have specific sleeping and wake up times, and have scheduled times for exercising, gardening, cleaning, etc. While those activities are certainly important and necessary in your loved ones day, it is also important to schedule in some down time – for the both of you! Encourage your loved one to spend an hour before bed winding down by reading, watching a favorite show, meditating, knitting, or writing in a journal. Or, they may prefer to start their day with a relaxing activity in the morning. Whatever their preferences are, be sure be consistent with relax time, it is as essential to their day as a meal, sleep, or exercise!

Plan a Day to Relax

Sometimes it is nice to get away from the day-to-day routine of life and add some variety. To celebrate National Relaxation Day, plan a day for you and your loved one that is devoted to relaxation. If you live near the water, consider spending a day at the beach soaking up vitamin D and listening to the waves crash against the shore (but, dont forget sunscreen!) Or, try visiting a botanical garden or meditation garden to enjoy beautiful flowers and plants as well as peaceful quiet time. You may also want to consider practicing walking meditation with your loved one at a favorite park or nature trail. By spending a day relaxing, you and your loved one just may discover some new relaxation techniques that you can incorporate into your everyday schedule.

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