As a family caregiver, you never want to think about your aging parents being victimized, but it is an unfortunate reality that older adults tend to be far more vulnerable to technology-based criminal behavior than younger people. During the holiday season, this can become even more severe, and many elderly adults will become the victims of identity theft during the holidays. Checking for signs of identity theft after the holiday season can help you to detect if your parent has become victimized so you can take the proper steps to minimize impact and protect them moving forward.

Some signs of identity theft you should look for after the holiday season include:

  • Bank withdrawals that do not look familiar or that occur at times when you know your senior was not at the bank
  • Transactions for stores or services that your parent does not use
  • Spending that is larger than your parent usually does
  • Your parent getting less mail than usual or not receiving bills
  • Checks or credit cards being refused when your parent tries to use them
  • Phone calls or other contact from companies attempting to collect payment for goods or services your parent did not use
  • Appearance of credit card bills for cards your parent does not have

If you notice any of these signs, it is important to immediately contact authorities. Your parent might be embarrassed or feel uncomfortable about the issue, but you should reassure them that this is a crime and they need to let people know what happened in order to hold the criminals responsible and protect others from their behavior. Keep your parent safe moving forward by changing all passwords to all accounts, setting up spending alerts on all cards and payment accounts, and carefully disposing of all materials that might have personally identifying information on it.

Being a family caregiver for an elderly adult means needing adaptability and flexibility. Needs change and with them, your care must change as well. Relying on home care can be a fantastic way to make sure you maintain this adaptability at throughout your care journey. An in-home senior care services provider offers completely customizable who care that can change and adapt with your parent to make sure they always have access to the care they need. This can help them to continue to age in place and live their best life even while coping with challenges and limitations.

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