National Traffic Safety Month is a great time to talk to your senior about how she can stay as safe as possible when she’s out and about as a pedestrian. If your aging family member walks or does any other activities outside and there’s traffic, these tips can help quite a bit.

Some Advice Is Common Sense

Much of the advice you’ll want to give your aging adult about traffic is rooted in common sense. She should wear light-colored clothing, especially if there isn’t a great deal of natural light. She should walk against the flow of traffic and on the sidewalk. Crossing the road should only be done at marked crosswalks to avoid the likelihood of an accident.

Other Advice Might not Be So Obvious

But other bits of advice might not be as obvious, especially if your senior is focusing on something like getting more exercise. If your elderly family member uses headphones, for instance, she needs to keep the volume low enough that she can still hear what is going on around her. When she’s crossing the road, she should definitely do so at crosswalks, but she should also pay attention to whether there are curves or hills which could cause drivers to have a more difficult time seeing her.

Having a Walking Partner Is a Good Idea

Another great tool for your senior to have when she’s out walking and is likely to encounter traffic is to have a walking partner. She may have a few friends or neighbors with whom she enjoys walking, but it could also be a good idea to ensure that she has elder care providers available, too. That way she has someone to walk with her no matter when she’s going walking.

Above All, Stay Alert to What Is Going On

Some of these suggestions may be ones your elderly family member feels inclined to ignore. But the one piece of advice she shouldn’t ignore is that she should constantly be aware of what is happening around her. That way she’s better able to avoid a problem if something should happen.

Keeping your aging adult as safe as possible when she’s going to be out in traffic is vital. The last thing that you want to happen is for her to experience any sort of accident that could injure her. If your senior knows what to do to diminish that possibility, she’s that much safer.

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