Most people dont think about how modern clothing can be an obstacle for those with physical disabilities and mobility issues. Frustrating features of modern clothes include zippers, clasps, buttons, laces and buckles that can be really tough for elderly adults to manipulate. There are many adaptive tools and dressing aids for seniors that can make their lives much easier and help them retain as much independence as possible.

The reason why many elderly adults dont do well with getting dressed on their own is that age-related health issues interfere with their ability to bend, twist, stretch, and grasp. Conditions like arthritis, stiff back, poor vision, vertigo, and partial paralysis can hinder something as simple as putting on a shirt or tying shoes. Fortunately, family caregivers and home care providers can also be nearby to assist.

Here are just a few adaptive tools that aging adults can use to get themselves mostly dressed in the mornings and undressed at night.

  • Zipper pulls are hooked handles that can fit into a loop on the zipper. Instead of trying to grasp the tiny zipper, the aging adult can firmly hold the zipper pull for the same result. When the zipper is in place, they simply unhood the device.
  • Shoe aids fit around the shoe as it sits on the floor, keeping it steady and in place for the aging adult to put their foot into. Long-handled shoe horns can also help elderly adults slide their feet into shoes without bending over.
  • Dressing sticks are easy to grab and have a hook on the end, used to pull up pants or skirts from the floor to the waist. They can also pull shirts on around the back. They also work in reverse, pushing clothes off the body as needed.
  • Sock aids are simple frames that hold an open sock, so the elderly adults can put their foot inside. As they push into the sock, it comes off at the ankle for a perfect fit.
  • Button pullers fit a small loop around a button after it has been threaded through a button hole. The aging adult just has to pull it through and release to button their own shirt or blouse.
  • Stick grabbers are mechanical arm extenders where a trigger in the hand manipulates a claw-like pincher. Seniors can use stick grabbers to pick up clothes on the floor and other actions to help them dress.

Adaptive dressing aids can be very helpful, but sometimes aging adults really do need help. Family caregivers and home care providers can step in and assist whenever they are needed. With a blend of dressing aids and help from home care providers, aging adults can maintain as much independence as they would like. As long as they remain professional and respectful, family caregivers and home care providers can help elderly adults get dressed quickly and on with the rest of their day.

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