A fun, inexpensive day trip that is great to take during the spring and summer months is a visit to a local state park. This is a great activity for elderly adults and their caregivers who love to spend time in nature, observe wildlife and plants, and take relaxing walks. If you are planning a trip to a state park with your elderly loved one this spring, here are a few helpful tips and suggestions to keep in mind.

Check the Forecast

Since visiting a state park is an outdoor activity, it is important to choose a day that will be ideal for walking and spending time outdoors. Weather that is too hot or too cold can make being outside uncomfortable and not enjoyable, so make sure to choose a day that is mild and sunny. It is also a good idea to avoid rainy days or days with a high pollen count (if your loved one suffers from allergies or asthma).

Plan the Day

To make the most of your day at the state park, plan your trip ahead of time. Many parks have useful websites where you can find information about special events or activities, closings, and maps. Since many parks have a lot to offer, decide with your loved one which attractions are not to be missed (such as the nature center, hiking trail, or beach). It is also a great idea to plan where you will park and where you will eat lunch or a snack.

Pack a Picnic Lunch

Bring a picnic basket or a small cooler filled with foods that are great on the go for a nice lunch in the park. Some great picnic foods include sandwiches, pre-cut fruits or vegetables, trail mix, nuts, and bottled water. Make sure to clean up any trash you have after lunch and dispose of it in designated containers. Many state parks have specific rules about littering and disposing of food to protect the wildlife.

Document the Day

Visits to state parks can be educational as well as memorable. To make sure your trip stays alive in yours and your loved one’s memory, bring along a sketchbook, journal, and/or camera to document the trip. Elderly adults who love to draw or sketch can draw the animals or plants they observe, while those with a way with words can write down their observations. Photos can also be taken throughout the day (if the park allows) so that memories from the trip can be shared with friends.

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