July 11th is Cheer Up the Lonely Day. As a family caregiver, this is a wonderful opportunity for you to spend more quality time with your aging parent, and to find ways to give them greater emotional support and social interaction in your care routine. This day, however, should not just be about how to keep your parent from being lonely. Encouraging them to get involved and help others avoid the consequences of loneliness, and experience better mental and emotional health can be a fantastic way to make your parent feel more relevant, more important, and like a valuable part of their community. This supports their mental and emotional health and well-being, and can give them a better quality of life as they age in place.

Use these ideas to inspire you with ways you can encourage your senior to get involved in Cheer Up the Lonely Day:

  • Contact the local food bank and offer to volunteer with food distribution. Many of these locations put together boxes or bags of food for those in need, and volunteers are on hand to hand them out to families, help families pick out additional items, or even serve meals. This could be a great way for your parent to interact with other people and provide a bright spot in the day of someone who really needs it
  • Look into volunteering at an animal shelter. Animals can be lonely too, and the volunteers of these shelters can make a huge difference in their lives. Your parent can volunteer to spend time playing with dogs and cats, take care of puppies and kittens, walk the animals, or help families looking for their forever friend
  • Work with your parent to put together care packages for members of the Armed Forces overseas. Many lists are available online that give suggestions for the most needed items and where to send them. Shopping for these items and putting together the kits, as well as writing letters of love and support, is a great way for your parent to reach out even if they are not able to be physically active

Integrating elderly care into your aging parent’s care routine is a great way to boost their activity level and encourage them to be more involved in the world around them. Many elderly adults experience feelings of disconnection and loss of relevance as they get older. They may feel that they are no longer relevant to the community, or that they can no longer benefit others. With personalized services from an elderly home care services provider, however, they can overcome these feelings and find greater meaning and connection in their later years. This care provider can offer support and assistance for your parent to find opportunities to get involved in the community, such as volunteer groups, clubs and organizations, and continued learning. They can also offer safe and reliable transportation to get your parents to activities and events. Even when they are not out and about, a care provider can offer companionship that encourages your senior, supports their emotional health, and helps them to feel validated and relevant, which supports better well-being as they age.

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