Keeping your aging family member safe in the bathroom can be a scary prospect. It’s a room in which your senior might not want much help from you yet, so some of these ideas can help her to be independent, too.

Reduce Clutter in the Bathroom

Clutter can be one of your senior’s biggest enemies in every room of the house, but especially the bathroom. If there are any knick knacks or loose items on the floor, find another home for them. You might want to replace any throw rugs with either bare flooring or mats that have rubberized backings that stay put.

Use Assistive Toilet Devices

As your senior ages, it can become more difficult for her to use a toilet seat at the standard height. Assistive toilet devices affix directly to the toilet and raise the toilet for your elderly family member. You can also use toilet lifting devices that attach underneath the toilet, but you’ll most likely need a plumber for that task.

Scout out Locations for Grab Bars

In addition to toilet risers, you might want to install a grab bar next to the toilet. This helps your elderly family member to have the support that she needs both as she sits down and as she tries to get up again. While you’re at it, scout out other locations in which you can put grab bars, such as on the wall opposite the vanity or in the shower itself.

Keep Supplies Easy to Reach

If necessary supplies, like soap and toilet paper, are stored in a location that’s difficult to access, your senior could injure herself trying to reach them. Make sure that you store these items in a way that is easy for anyone to get to them when they’re needed. A small basket on the counter is a good idea if you have the space for it.

Find a Shower Chair or Bench That’s Comfortable

Often it can be difficult for your aging family member to stand in the shower for a longer period of time. Having a shower chair or bench in the tub enables her to be able to rest while she showers. These devices are usually very light and yet extremely sturdy so that your senior is well-supported while she bathes.

It might also be time to consider hiring elderly care providers to help your senior with her personal care tasks. They can ensure that your elderly family member is safe and that she’s able to keep up with bathing and grooming the way that she wants to.

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