At some point, your elderly family member might start to realize that its time to go through the items she owns. She might do this if shes going to need to move, or she might simply start to want to simplify her life a bit. Regardless, there are some aspects of this process that are quite difficult, possibly for both of you.

This Can Trigger Some Thoughts She Hasnt Had

Starting to deal with belongings can trigger some thoughts and realizations that your elderly family member might not have had yet. Many aging adults find that theyre suddenly focusing on issues that remind them of their own mortality. This can be unpleasant to start encountering and your senior might start thinking about whats going to happen with her belongings and her home once she passes away. None of that is easy.

Theres Just So Much Stuff

Over time, people collect a lot of belongings. This might be even more of a problem for your senior if shes lived in the same place for a very long time. Items have a way of multiplying, making them more of an issue to manage. Your senior might find herself getting overwhelmed at the number of items shes facing. It can help to tackle downsizing slowly, if thats possible at all, to help your senior to deal with the many items shes sorting.

It’s a Lot of Work

It takes a lot of physical energy to do this sort of work, too. It can be truly physically exhausting for your elderly family member to try to keep plugging away at sorting through her belongings. Your seniors health and overall stamina might not be up for this level of activity, so its important to keep that in mind as you go. Schedule frequent breaks and keep an eye on how your elderly family member is faring as she works away. Try to take over the heavy lifting for her.

So Many Things Have Sentimental Value

So much of what people select and hold onto over their lifetimes are items that have great sentimental value for them. The problem this presents is when your elderly family member is ready to start sorting through these items. Dealing with the sentimental aspects of each item can take a lot more time and energy than you or your senior expect it to take. This might get frustrating for both of you.

This entire process can be emotionally charged, both for you and for your senior. You might find that its easier for each of you if you step back and hire home care providers to help with this process. They can help her and its often not as emotional a process, which can allow your elderly family member to focus a little more readily.

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