It’s Older Americans Month. In 2019, the theme is Connect, Create, Contribute. One of the goals is to connect with families and friends. How often do you visit your parents?

If you live far away, it’s harder to see them often. If you’re within an hour of their home, you should take time to see them each week. These are the top four reasons you should take the time to visit.

It Helps Form Strong Family Bonds

Strong family bonds are important when parents need help with activities of daily living (ADLs). If you have siblings and other family members working with you, it’s easier to team up to provide the care your parents need.

If you’re an only child, you may need to extend your reach and get cousins, aunts, and uncles to help out. A strong family bond makes it easier to ask for this help.

They’ll Benefit From the Socialization

Older adults need to socialize. Studies find it helps the immune system and mental health. Regular socialization can help keep the mind sharp. With you stopping by regularly, your parent is being forced to socialize. If you get them out of the house, you can get them to socialize with others, too.

You’ll Know When They’re Struggling With ADLs

ADLs are the basic necessities people need to be able to do for themselves. Taking a shower and brushing teeth are examples of ADLs. Eating a meal, walking around, and using the toilet are other examples. If your parent is struggling with any of these, you’ll quickly notice when you stop by to visit.

You should look for signs that your parents are not washing their clothes. They’ll smell sour and sweaty. See if they’ve been trimming their nails. Is their house relatively clean and organized? If there seem to be problems, it’s probably time that they had a senior care aide or family caregiver.

You May Avoid Some Regrets Later

One of the worst feelings is questioning if you were there enough. If you get in the habit of only seeing your parents on major holidays and something happens, you may feel overwhelming guilt. Avoid this by planning regular visits. Bring the grandchildren with you and make it a family day.

Hiring senior care aides is easy. Make a call and talk to the representative about the tasks your parents cannot handle without help. That helps you find out more about prices and scheduling.

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