If your senior is ready to start exercising there are some important tips that can help to make the experience easier on her. When shes ready to stick with her plan, shell find it much easier to do so.

Safe Activities Are the Best Activities

Your seniors health and overall condition might dictate what safe activities for her might be. Balance issues, high blood pressure, and arthritis all demand different precautions from your senior. This is why its important to start out exercise planning with a conversation with your seniors doctor. Her doctor can recommend the right exercises for her and let you and your senior know what to watch for in terms of potential trouble.

The Type of Activity Matters

Your senior might need a specific type of exercise over another and that can matter quite a bit. For osteoporosis, for instance, your seniors doctor might recommend weight-bearing exercise. These are activities in which shes using gravity and the weight of her own body in some way to strengthen both her muscles and her bones. If she has balance issues, exercises like yoga or tai chi might make the recommendation list.

Her Body Will Communicate with Her

Above all, your senior needs to learn to listen to her body. Once shes okay to exercise, she needs to start out slowly and steadily, building up her stamina as she goes. Along the way, her body will let her know what types of exercise it enjoys and when she’s overdoing it. If she’s experiencing a lot of pain, though, that’s not a good thing. Pain isn’t something she should be striving for when it comes to exercise.

Consider Working with an Exercise Expert

Your senior might benefit from working with someone who specializes in exercise and training, particularly if they have expertise with older adults. Personal trainers and physical therapists can work with your senior to help make sure shes exercising properly without causing herself harm or injury. They can also help her to learn what a good workout feels like, which can allow her to build on that success.

Whether your senior exercises at a gym with other people or at home, it might be a good idea for her to have someone there with her, especially if you cant be. Eldercare providers can handle the transportation, companionship, and watching for possible issues while your senior gets her workout in.

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