Meal supplement shakes are a common solution for people who arent eating enough or who have nutritional needs that arent being met with eating. For instance, people with COPDmight find that they need more calories in order to avoid losing too much weight. But there are a lot of different options out there for meal supplement shakes and some might be better for your senior than others.

Talk to Your Seniors Doctor First

If youre considering meal replacement shakes for more than occasional use, you might want to start first with your seniors doctor. Her doctor can give you an idea what ingredients will work best for her particular health and nutritional concerns. Her doctor can also let you know if these arent the best option for your seniors needs.

Read the Ingredients

As with any food item, it pays to read the ingredients label. If youre seeing a lot of artificial sweeteners, artificial colors, or other ingredients that feel questionable to you, that might not be the right shake. Some powdered and prepared shakes use sugar alcohols for sweeteners and that can cause gastrointestinal issues for some people.

Check the Nutritional Label

In addition to the ingredients list, you also need to check the nutritional label. This is the part of the packaging that tells you how much sugar, protein, fiber, and other nutrients are in the shake. Ideally your seniors doctor has already given you some guidelines to look for in the right balance for your senior.

Consider Homemade Alternatives

Another option is to make smoothies and shakes at home for your aging adult. These are a lot easier to make than you might think, and recipes often use fruits, vegetables, and protein powders. If youre not there to make these drinks for your senior, it might be a good idea to hire elderly care providers to take over. They can make sure that your senior gets fresh shakes that meet her nutritional needs every day. They can also help you to keep track of what else your elderly family member is eating.

Meal supplement shakes could be the right answer for your elderly family member, especially if shes having a tough time eating enough each day. Theyre also a great option for people who have trouble chewing. You might find that you need to try a few different brands to land on the right one for your senior.

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