Anger issues are difficult for you to deal with as a caregiver. They add another layer of stress and strain to a situation that can already be incredibly taxing for you emotionally and physically. If your senior is having trouble controlling her anger issues, you may need to set and enforce some boundaries for yourself.

Set Some Boundaries for Yourself and for Her

When your boundaries are rocky or non-existent its much easier for your senior to use you as her punching bag when shes angry. Boundaries let other people know what youll tolerate and what you wont tolerate. Things like your senior yelling when she is angry might be a definite boundary for you. While youre figuring out what your boundaries are, you also need to determine what happens when those lines are crossed.

Talk with Your Senior about Whats Going On

This is a conversation that you and your senior need to have together. Sometime when youre both feeling calm and receptive, talk to her about what youve decided regarding your boundaries and the consequences shell experience. For instance, if she does start yelling, you may let her know that there are a series of consequences for that, starting with you leaving the room.

Enforce Your Boundaries, Even if that Means Stepping Away

Once youve established where the lines are for you, its important that you enforce them. Unenforced boundaries are worse than not having any at all because your senior knows you dont mean it. The first stage of your consequences might be that you leave the room if she starts yelling at you. If she persists in refusing to ramp down her anger and her reactions, you might need to consider what else to do, such as taking extended time away from caregiving. Having home care providers step in allows you to have a break from whats happening while ensuring theres someone there with your senior.

Find Other Ways to Cope, Including Therapy

Something else to consider for both yourself and your senior might be therapy. An experienced counselor can help both of you to get to the root of this issue and can help your aging family member to learn ways to manage her anger. If this is something thats relatively new for her, such as a response to her health or to other issues, she may need help dealing with those underlying causes.

You and your senior cant go on together for long if her anger management issues continue unchecked. Those episodes of anger can take an awful lot out of you and youre doing all that you can as her caregiver. Give some of these solutions a try to see if they make a difference.

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