National Lazy Mom’s Day encourages moms to take a day off from responsibilities. Why do this on September 1st? It correlates with the return of children to their schools or universities, kicking off different daily schedules. When you also care for an aging parent, back-to-school adds to the complexity of a daily care plan.

You’re busy with your high schoolers getting to classes, needing help with homework, and your dad’s care needs. It’s very likely you also work part- or full-time and have to fit in your work duties, too. It’s a lot, and it’s time to have a lazy day. Here’s how you can take a day for yourself with the help of home care assistance.

Stay Home and Read or Watch Movies

Instead of feeling obliged to help others for the day, take a day off. Stay in your pajamas or wear comfortable clothing and do nothing other than things you’re passionate about. You might want to read books by your favorite authors all day. You might prefer to catch up on your favorite shows or the movies you’ve been putting off.


Some people find baking to be incredibly relaxing. Kneading bread dough helps release tension and angst. As an added benefit, you have bread to eat or put in the freezer. You could make a large batch of pizza dough to store in the freezer until needed. Make cinnamon rolls that you can thaw and bake on busy mornings.

Spend the Day With Friends

It’s been a while since you last gathered with friends. See who is available and make reservations at your favorite restaurant. See a movie or tour a museum and have lunch after. If you’d rather spend the day shopping, make plans to do that.

You might want to go to a concert, see a show, or challenge your friend to your favorite sport. Whatever is most appealing, make plans to do it together.

Go Where You Feel Most at Ease

Where do you feel the calmest and most at ease? If it’s the beach, pack a picnic and head to the beach for the day. You might like being around animals, so arrange to spend time at a zoo or volunteer to spend time socializing with kittens and puppies at a local rescue.

Have Others Help Get Your To-Do List Done

When it comes to your dad’s care needs, you don’t have to do everyone on your own. Have others chip in and help out. If your brother or sister is nearby, ask them to help. If they’re not or don’t have any free time, it’s okay to schedule home care assistance.

Let a caregiver assist you with your dad’s care. Home care assistance covers care needs like grooming and hygiene, cleaning, meal preparation, scheduling, and much more. Talk to an advisor to learn more about prices, get answers to your questions, and book the necessary caregiver visits.

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