You may have found senior care for your loved one, especially for the care that is needed for their health during the progression to their elderly years. Life is harder to live at home alone as your loved ones grow older, and senior care is able to help with many of the daily tasks that become harder with reduced mobility, chronic pain, and other overall health issues.

In addition, October is Health Literacy Month, more for the entire family than seniors alone. For the last 20 years, October has been presented to the nation with information in keeping health information at the forefront of libraries, radios, and other sources of knowledge. You certainly know that your senior deserves to know what is most important for keeping their health as up-to-date as possible, everyone can benefit from this education.

Senior Care and Health Literacy Month

While you may believe your seniors only need daily care, there is also much to learn on the value of their own health and keeping themselves as healthy as possible. With the last 20 years growing from the presented information during Health Literacy Month, your senior has the ability to see what has come from years of training and education provided to the caregivers who will provide daily support for their healthy lifestyle.

October is Health Literacy Month, and your seniors have as much right as the rest of your family to learn about health. With much more to learn for the benefits of senior care to help maintain the highest possible level of health for your loved ones, any of the events throughout Health Literacy Month can provide education to everyone who faces concerns about illness, nutrition, physical wellness, and more. Any of these issues regarding senior health and wellness as well as that for the entire family are covered…

Making healthy choices, it is important at all stages of life, and senior care can help maintain these decisions for your loved ones in their elderly years. Especially if they live alone, senior care can help keep safety and wellness on a regular basis. Since 1999, organizations around the world have been observing October as Health Literacy Month. Bringing attention to the importance of making health information easy to understand literacy workgroups and agencies work together to ensure that improving health literacy remains a priority. These groups invite everyone to celebrate by participating in health literacy activities throughout the month.

Celebrate Health Literacy Month and Learn About Health

Not sure what to do to celebrate health literacy month? Here are some ideas for health care professionals. Interested in getting the facts about health literacy and why its so important? Check out some of our favorite health literacy resources from the following HHS agencies:

  • Take an online health literacy course
  • Watch a health literacy video and review questions or discuss it with others
  • Shadow a senior caregiver or your loved one to see their experiences
  • Seek an online health literacy quiz for yourself or your senior
  • Read up on health literacy determine words or phrases to avoid with your senior
  • Teach your senior the knowledge of their health history and what is needed

Senior Helps to Live a Healthy Lifestyle

October recognizes Health Literacy Month, including organizations and individuals that promote the importance of understandable health information. Health Literacy Month brings awareness to breaking down the barriers of understanding. Health experts express there being a large gap between health care issues communicated by professionals and the ability of the average person to understand them. Because most people have limited health literacy, this struggle to understand health literacy leads people to frequently skip important medical tests, have a harder time living with conditions, and visit the emergency room more often. For this reason, there is an importance to health literacy, even for your senior, to make sure that valuable tests are taken as needed, senior care is maintained to keep a healthy lifestyle, and that they have a quality daily life.

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