Europe has seen a massive heatwave. Alaska is experiencing some of the hottest temperatures that state has ever seen. In Northern California, there are reports of ocean mussels cooking inside their shells. Many states have seen temperatures soaring to 90 or higher in June and July.

As more areas are hit by heatwaves and high temperatures, you should focus on keeping your dad safe. If he lives alone, he is at risk of heat exhaustion and heat stroke. Dehydration is another danger. It’s a good time to look into the many services caregivers offer that keep your dad safe.

Safety Checks

If you live hours away, you can call your dad. You might have security cameras there to see if he’s active. What you can’t do is stop by and feel how warm his house is or check when he last had a glass of water.

Caregivers can stop by every day and check on your dad. If there are problems, you’ll be notified. The aides can keep him from going outside in the sun and make sure a fan or AC system is running. They can supervise him while he takes a cool shower or goes into a pool to cool off.


If your dad’s home is too hot, the caregiver can drive him to the mall or a movie theater to cool off. If he appears to be suffering from dehydration or heat exhaustion, calls to medical professionals can be made. If the doctor says to bring him to the ER, a caregiver can drive him. Plus, the caregiver will alert anyone on his emergency list.


Sometimes senior citizens don’t drink enough fluid. The thirst response may not be as noticeable. Caregivers can keep track of when your dad last had a glass of water and make sure he stays hydrated. If he refuses water, they can make him iced tea, lemonade, seltzer, or iced coffee. They can also serve snacks that will help to boost his fluid intake.


If your dad is prone to trying to do too much, a caregiver can monitor his activities. If it’s hot outside and he’s been in his garden for an hour, a caregiver can persuade him to come inside and do something else for a while. He’ll have someone to play games with, watch movies with, and eat meals with.

The caregiver can also make sure that your dad doesn’t overexert himself inside. He’ll have help with laundry and other household chores. Contact a home care agency to find out more about bringing caregivers into your dad’s life.

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