Caregivers in Eden Prairie MNWhen you’re a caregiver for an elderly loved one who has Alzheimer’s disease, you’re probably embarrassed by some of the things that your loved one does more often than you want to admit. That embarrassing behavior can take all kinds of forms, too, from yelling in public to expressing their agitation in other ways. Here are some tips you can use to cope.

Limit Crowds

Sometimes the embarrassing behavior from your loved one is a result of being overstimulated. One way to avoid this is to take your loved one to locations and activities that are less likely to be crowded. By avoiding the mobs of people, your loved one may be less stimulated and can simply enjoy whatever activity you’re engaging in together. This also limits the likelihood of causing a scene where a lot of people might witness your loved one’s behaviors.

Have Visitors Over

If you or your loved one are particularly concerned about being out in public and being unable to control behavior or reactions, try having visitors over more often. There might still be some embarrassment all the way around, but it’s more of a controlled situation for your loved one. Again, this can lead back to issues with overstimulation and you might be surprised at how much your loved one enjoys having folks over.

Follow Some General Rules

Sometimes you can’t avoid being out in a crowd, and that’s fine. But you can follow some general rules while you’re out and about that can help to cut down the possibility of embarrassing anyone. Don’t bring up topics that you know your loved one is likely to become animated or agitated about, for example. And if your loved one does become upset, try to distract him right away with something else. Arguing with your loved one or trying to reason with her can just make the situation worse.

Limit Trips Out to Essential Ones Only

When none of these options have the desired result, try limiting trips out in public to just the essential ones. If your loved one has a doctor’s appointment, for example, or if there’s something that she needs to attend with you in person. Then, when the appointment or event is over, come straight home afterward.

These tips may not work in every situation, but they’re a solid starting point for you.

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