Elder Care in Plymouth MNIf your loved one wears dentures, she may have cared for them for quite a while on her own. As her health changes, however, it may become necessary for you to learn how to care for them yourself.

Inspect the Dentures Carefully

Make it a point to inspect your loved one’s dentures carefully on a daily basis. You’re looking for any cracks, rough spots, or other damage on both sides of the dentures. Even the smallest flaw can cut your loved one’s mouth or keep her from being able to use her dentures. They’re very fragile, too, so be very careful to handle them over something that can cushion a fall, such as a folded towel or a washcloth.

Store the Dentures in Water

Your loved one’s dentures have to stay wet in order to remain in good condition. If the dentures dry out, they can crack and they become even more fragile. When they’re in her mouth, that’s usually not a problem. It’s when you’re storing them that this is important. Avoid using hot water so that you don’t warp the dentures.

Clean the Dentures Daily

You really can’t use regular toothpaste and a regular toothbrush on your loved one’s dentures. There are special brushes made just for dentures that are soft enough to protect them while still getting them clean. After each meal, have your loved one rinse off her dentures to help keep food from building up on the surface of the dentures.

Be Careful with Adhesive

Many people believe that denture adhesive is necessary, but if your loved one’s dentures are properly fitted, she shouldn’t actually need adhesive. If you do use adhesive, be sure to clean it off carefully every time you store the dentures. Adhesive can build up and harden if it’s allowed to stick around on the denture surface.

Keep Regular Dental Appointments

Your loved one’s gums are likely to continue to change over time. Because of that, you have to keep your loved one’s dental appointments to make sure that your loved one’s dentures are properly fitted. If the dentures no longer fit properly, your loved one’s dentist can make the necessary adjustments.

Let your loved one’s other family members and elder care providers know about your loved one’s denture care process so that they can help you keep them looking and feeling great.

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