If you are worried about how your aging mom or dad is getting along in their later years, you aren’t alone. Many adult children are taking on the role of family caregiver, shouldering more and more responsibility for aging parents and their health and wellness. With a job and family of your own, it can be very difficult to juggle everything, but leaving your aging parent alone in their home for long isn’t an option either.

Many family caregivers are finding the solution by hiring elderly care providers. These professional caregivers come to the aging parents home and assist with any number of daily tasks and self-care activities. Just knowing that someone is there with your aging mom or dad can make everyone in the family feel better about an aging at home plan.

Here are just a few of the areas where elderly care providers can assist your aging parents:


Elderly Care in Coon Rapids MN: How Do Elderly Care Providers Help Seniors?
Elderly Care in Coon Rapids MN: How Do Elderly Care Providers Help Seniors?

Seniors that live alone are more likely to be lonely and isolated. Not only is that a sad way to spend their days, it can also trigger negative health issues like depression and cognitive decline. Elderly care providers act as companions for seniors and can even take them on outings in the community.


Many elderly people are living with mobility and dexterity issues that make it hard for them to take care of their bodies. Daily activities like showering, dressing, toileting and grooming can be difficult or painful. With an elderly care provider on hand to help with hygiene, seniors can look and feel their best.

Movement and Activity

Depending on their physical conditions, some aging adults may need help just getting around their house. Its especially important to have an elderly care provider around if the senior in in a wheelchair. The more activity and exercise an aging adult gets, the better it is for their heart, brain and body, and an elderly care provider can encourage and assist in that, too.

Meal Preparation

Cooking healthy meals and providing nutritious snacks is a key part of an elderly care providers duties. Without supervision, many seniors turn to unhealthy processed snacks and incomplete meals. The elderly care provider can boost the fruits, vegetables and whole grains that seniors eat, and replace junk food snacks with better alternatives. Cleanup is also an important part of an elderly care providers service.

Transportation and Errands

If elderly adults need in-home care, they are likely at the point where they are unable to drive. However, instead of being homebound, seniors can be transported by elderly care providers. They can either ask the provider to do the errands for them, such as grocery shopping or going to the pharmacy, or accompany them. Having someone to rely on to get around means elderly adults can continue with their normal routines in safety and comfort.

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