When you have a parent who insists nothing is wrong, it’s frustrating. Your dad hasn’t shaved or had a haircut in months. Your mom smells sour and sweaty. Begging, pleading, and reasoning aren’t working. What can you do to get a stubborn parent to admit that elder care is needed?

Try to Reason

You can try to reason with your parent. Ask how your parent would feel if the roles were reversed. If you were unable to cook your own meals, would your mom or dad want you eating fast food every night? If you couldn’t drive, would your parent want you getting behind the wheel anyway?

Point Out the Benefits

Sometimes, aging adults see elder care services as a negative. They don’t understand what really happens. They think the caregivers are there to boss them around. Let your mom or dad talk to neighbors or friends who have caregivers. Talking to someone who has elder care services helps present the benefits like companionship, independence, and living at home.

Suggest a Trial Run

See if your mom or dad would agree to a trial run with a caregiver. Aim for a month of getting used to what caregivers do and how it all works. After a month, your parent may realize that caregivers are great friends and not want to give up having someone around.

Attempt Again at a Later Date

You may need to stop conversations and try it again in a week or two. That’s okay. If there’s an urgency to the need for elder care, this may not work. If you can arrange to have friends and family members help for a week or two, you can slowly let your parent get used to the idea.

Suggest Your Parents Talk to an Agency

Involve your parents in the interview process when possible. If your parent can sit down with an elder care specialist and ask questions and see how it works, it may ease fears and concerns. Talking to the caregivers in advance may also help ease your parent’s mind.

Elder care services make sure your mom or dad have the help they need without you being there. Caregivers become companions your parent look forward to seeing. Your visits move from being a rushed schedule of chores to fun outings. Call an elder care agency to learn more about the services available to your family.

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