When adult children are asked which family meetings they dread the most, telling their parents it’s time to quit driving is always near the top of the list. Due to the tight association between driving and freedom, the majority of us automatically oppose the idea of giving it up. Who could blame your mom or dad for not wanting to give that up? They may feel like they’re unable to get around where they want and when they need to go.

Luckily, there are alternative solutions that will keep your parents from driving but still maintain a sense of freedom. Senior home care can be hired to help your parent who is determined to age in place. These are caregivers who can help with chores around the house, add in safety measurements, and drive seniors to activities, events, and appointments. Senior home care is the best solution for your senior who wants to remain independent but needs additional help. Caregivers make it easier for the elderly who don’t want to rely on their children.

When it’s time for your parents to stop driving there are a few things you can do. Driving can be a very high risk activity and you have to protect your loved one and other drivers on the road. Here are some ideas you can use when it’s time to get your senior off the road.

How to Get Your Parents to Stop Driving

To start, understand that the majority of elderly drivers are safe behind the wheel. Indeed, older drivers are frequently safer than younger drivers in several critical ways. However, motor accident mortality rises significantly beyond the age of 70 and peaks after the age of 85, in part because seniors are frequently more physically vulnerable than younger drivers. Cognitive decline and vision difficulties are two of the most prominent factors contributing to poor driving safety. So, here is what you can do.

Know The Signs When It’s Time To Stop

While some of us are content to give up driving when it no longer feels secure, the majority of us try to minimize concerns, which means that family and friends must be vigilant for changes that put your parents at risk.

Get feedback from police officers- This means if there is a spike in your loved ones tickets, or their insurance goes up, or something else it is a sign that their driving isn’t going well.

Unseen Traffic Signs- If your seniors are missing traffic signs it is time to stop them from driving. They may also miss things like traffic lights if they can’t see.

Look At It a Different Way

Reframing the phrase “stop driving” may help seniors feel more comfortable with the idea. Instead ask them if senior home care is available for the activities a senior is doing. It’s human nature for the majority of us to resist being told we can’t do anything, and informing your parent they must quit driving is almost certain to drive them into fighting mode. Instead of saying stop, give them other solutions to enjoy the same activities.

Talk To Your Parents Openly

Randomly telling them to stop one day won’t encourage them to get off the road. Often you will need to lead into this conversation by first having other conversations. You need to keep in mind your loved ones feelings.

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