Today it is very widely known that smoking causes and/or exacerbates many health problems. If your parent smokes, it is likely that all of the dangers of smoking were not as widely known when they started as they are today. Unfortunately, smoking is an addiction and a very hard habit to break. If your parent is already suffering from the negative health consequences of smoking such as COPD, emphysema, or heart disease, it can be difficult for you to see them continue to smoke. You may be wondering how you can encourage them to quit smoking so that they can have better health and feel better overall. Encouraging a loved one to do something as difficult as quitting smoking can be a challenging and emotionally taxing task. Here are some tips to help you as you help your aging parent take charge of their health and wellbeing by quitting smoking.

Nagging is not the Answer

When you are enthusiastic about helping your parent quit smoking, it can sometimes be difficult not to come off as pushy or nagging. If your encouragement takes the form of nagging or preaching, it can be irritating to you parent which will not help them in the process of quitting smoking. Instead of nagging, judging, or becoming angry, try expressing your concerns while still addressing all of their positive efforts toward smoking cessation.

Be Understanding

At first when your parent gives up smoking, they may feel stressed, irritable, and even angry. They are overcoming and addiction which is not easy. Try to be understanding of what they are going through and offer support, even if they are not so pleasant to be around. They still need your encouragement! To help ease their transition, try offering to do some tasks around the house for them, cook a meal, or offer to do anything that might help ease the stress.

Celebrate the Successes

When your parent decides to quit smoking, they are taking a big step towards having great health and better quality of life. This is definitely something to celebrate! Acknowledge their efforts whenever you can with a kind word or friendly note. Another great idea is to celebrate “anniversaries” (such as 1 week without smoking, 1 month, etc.) by doing something special like going out to a favorite restaurant.


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