Have you noticed that the elderly loved one you care for has been stressed or anxious lately? Unfortunately this is not uncommon. Well over 40 million adults in America suffer from anxiety, and many of those sufferers are senior citizens.

As the person responsible for the elderly care of your aging parent, you know that life can be stressful. What you might not know, though, is that it is perhaps even more stressful for your parent, as aging brings with it a lot of changes in both the body and in one’s living situation that make things hard to deal with.

If you or your loved one have anxiety, know that you aren’t through this alone. Also know that there are many natural ways to feel better, including the following things in you diet:

  • Chamomile tea – While tea is not technically a food, chamomile is a fantastic weapon in the anti-anxiety arsenal. Chamomile tea is mild, caffeine free, and has been proven to calm down the body and mind. Many people see results in just a week or two – and some even see a temporary decrease in stress after just one cup!
  • Turkey – If you have ever felt sleepy after Thanksgiving dinner, chances are you had tryptophan to blame. Tryptophan is found in turkey, and has been linked to an increase in serotonin levels in the brain. Serotonin provides a feeling of relaxation and calm, which can be wonderful for someone whose mind is racing with anxiety.
  • Avocados – Avocados are one of nature’s “super fruits.” They contain large amount of potassium, which lowers your blood pressure. Lower blood pressure means lower stress levels, which mean less anxiety. Avocados also contain many vitamins that make them great for brain health.
  • Dark chocolate – It’s obvious what you’re thinking: “Yes! Finally a diet that contains chocolate!” And you’re right to be excited! Chocolate has been scientifically proven to lower stress levels, meaning that it’s totally okay to enjoy some of this sweet treat every now and then. But be sure that you’re eating dark chocolate: it contains less sugar and other fatty ingredients.
  • Asparagus – Asparagus might seem like a long way to come down after the chocolate high above, but asparagus has been proven to increase folic acid. A lack of sufficient folic acid in the body leads to bad moods and stress, so eating asparagus can help to balance things out. Like avocados, though, asparagus also provides potassium to lower blood pressure.

If you or your loved one are suffering from anxiety, adding these things to your diet could be a great help. Keep in mind, though, that diet alone won’t eradicate anxiety: you should also make sure that you and your loved one get adequate physical exercise and take sufficient time to relax and unwind. Selecting the proper in-home care providers in Minneapolis will help your senior loved one walk through this process of battling anxiety.

If these things don’t improve the anxiety problem, it is best to consult a medical professional, to see if the anxiety might be a side effect of medication, or a sign of a serious medical problem.