Yoga is an amazing way for your loved one to move more, even if exercise hasn’t been a big part of her life in the past. It’s perfect for every skill level and it’s highly adaptive.

Talk to Her Doctor First

Before your elderly loved one starts any exercise program at all, it’s important to talk with her doctor. He can recommend the right types of exercise and the right frequency so that she doesn’t overdo it. Your loved one’s doctor may also recommend a specific style of yoga that might be better for your loved one.

Gear Up

Many people who are getting started with a new sport view gearing up as something that they need to go all out with. That really isn’t the case with yoga. If your loved one is going to a studio for classes, they’ll have blocks, mats, and straps for her to borrow if she needs them. At home, your loved one may or may not need or want those just yet. The bare minimum that your loved one needs is comfortable clothing in which she can move freely. If she likes doing yoga, she can get all of those accessories later.

Find a Method Your Loved One Is Comfortable With

Some people really love the energy and the hands-on experience of attending a yoga class at a gym or a yoga studio. It’s also a wonderful way for your loved one to make sure that her form is just right. Other people prefer to learn new skills at home. There are a wide range of yoga videos available online, at the library, and from bookstores. Another option is to stream courses.

Go Slowly but Stick with It

The key for your elderly loved one is for her to go slowly but to stick with it for the long term. The longer your loved one is doing yoga, the better she’ll get at it and the more benefits she’ll receive. By sticking with it, her yoga practice also becomes a habit for her.

Depending on where your loved one likes doing yoga, you might not be able to take her to class. Consider asking other family members to take her or hiring senior care providers if transportation is a concern.

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