Some of those little changes that pop up are just aging, right? Maybe, but maybe not. These little changes can also be an indication that something else is going on.

Changes in Gait and Mobility

Changes in how your senior walks and her overall ability to remain mobile can be part of aging. But if shes reasonably active and is having difficulty walking or her ability to walk has changed there may be more going on. Sometimes the problem is fear, as in shes afraid that she might fall and that has caused her to make some changes. But there are other reasons, too, and those should be addressed with her doctor.

Uncontrollable Movements

Tremors, shaking, and other uncontrollable movements sometimes happen if someone has too much caffeine or too little sleep. But these sudden and uncontrollable shakes or movements might be a sign of another ailment or condition. This is definitely something that your seniors doctor needs to know about as soon as possible.

Irritability and Mood Swings

Mood swings and general crankiness can be pretty common for almost everyone. Much of this type of emotional response has to do with not feeling as well as in the past, especially for an older adult with many health issues. But this can also be a sign of something else. Your elderly family member might be experiencing depression, cognitive changes, or even physical ailments shes not ready to talk about with you.

Sleep Issues

Whether your senior is having trouble getting to sleep or trouble staying asleep, problems sleeping can lead to other problems pretty quickly. Your elderly family member might be a lot more irritable when shes not sleeping well, which can mask other problems. But when shes not sleeping well her body and her brain dont get a chance to recuperate from the damage of the day, which is another concern.

Unintentional Weight Loss

While your senior might have needed to lose a pound or two, if shes losing weight without trying or shes losing a lot of weight, there might be a problem. Some of those problems might be related to poor nutrition while others might be related to health conditions that are out of control. Either way, its a conversation for her doctor.

If youre not able to spend as much time with your senior as you might want to you might feel as if youre going to miss some of these signs. Elder care providers can help your aging family member with a variety of different tasks and help you to feel as if youre not going to miss even the tiniest changes.

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