You’ve noticed your dad’s hearing is getting worse. He’s been to the doctors and has hearing aids, but he still doesn’t hear everything people say. You’re afraid he is going to miss something important, such as a smoke alarm or weather alert. Here are four products for the hearing impaired that offer some peace of mind.

Flashing Smoke/Fire Alarms and Carbon Monoxide Detectors

If your dad’s hearing is going, he may not hear the smoke/fire alarm or carbon monoxide detector if it goes off. Switch the detectors for models that have a strobe light. If the alarm goes off, he’ll see the flashing lights. Make sure you’re putting them in a noticeable area.

Phones With Captioning

Your dad needs to know what a caller is saying. If he can’t hear the person on the other end, it can be a huge problem, especially if he’s calling emergency services and needs to hear their instructions.

Look for telephones that have screens with captioning. These phones are designed to work with a captioning telephone service, so instead of listening to the caller on the other end, your dad reads the screen and responds appropriately.

Vibrating Timers and Alarms

If your dad is cooking an item and can’t hear a standard kitchen timer, there’s a risk of burning the food. Look for vibrating timers, especially those built into a wrist watch. This way, he’ll feel the vibration and know it’s time. You can also purchase alarm clocks that have a device you put the bed that shakes until the alarm is turned off. Your dad won’t miss any appointments with vibrating alarms.

Visual Emergency Alert Systems

Visual emergency alerts set off a flashing light when there’s something important going on. Lights flash when the doorbell rings, a window or door opens, or an urgent weather alert broadcasts. Some notification systems also vibrate the bed if the emergency weather alert occurs when your dad is sleeping. He’ll know if a flash flood, tornado, or severe thunderstorm is about to hit his area and be able to take precautions to stay safe.

Senior care services offer additional help around the home. Have a caregiver available to join your dad for walks. While he may not hear a car coming up behind him, his caregiver will. Caregivers can also help by going shopping with your dad and making sure that he avoids the frustration that often happens when he can’t hear a cashier or teller. Call a senior care agency today.

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