Often, when people consider fitness programs for seniors, they think of things like walking, swimming, and low-impact activities that may not fall into the category of exercise, but have many of the benefits of exercise. Like gardening, for example. But people are living longer, healthier lives. Even seniors who need assistance in some areas of their lives may be active in other areas of their lives. For these seniors, their elderly care would benefit from the addition of a workout that’s active and requires more energy. If this sounds like your mom or dad, Zumba may be the perfect exercise.

You may have been to a few Zumba classes yourself and balk at the idea of your senior parent doing those fancy steps. But Zumba Gold has been created specifically for aging adults. The dance moves aren’t as complicated, but the class still has the same health benefits. There’s even seated options for this class, for those who’d love to take part, but cannot walk. And as with all Zumba classes, previous dance experience is not required.

It’s Fun

How often do you have to talk ourselves into doing the same boring exercise every week? It’s not exciting, you have to do it on our own, and some of the moves are difficult. Your parent feels the same way about exercise. Zumba Gold is great because there aren’t any boring exercises to learn. They’ll be dancing. An added benefit is Zumba is something they can do with their friends. Or, if they don’t know anyone who’d like to take a class, they can meet new people at Zumba.

It’s Heart Healthy

Zumba is dancing, but dancing is also an excellent form of cardio exercise. Your parent’s entire body will be engaged when they do Zumba. It gets the heart pumping faster and increases the blood flow. It will also increase their energy level and stamina.

It’ll Help Them Stay Mobile

Zumba Gold is designed for seniors, but it will still provide them with many physical benefits. Learning the dance movements will help your loved one with coordination and balance, which will reduce their risk of falling in everyday life. For some, it even reduces their arthritis pain.

It’s Great for Weight Loss

Take some upbeat Latin music, add in dance, and you have the perfect equation to lose weight. Zumba is a great way to burn calories and fat. In just thirty minutes of Zumba, it’s possible to burn 200 to 300 calories.

Zumba is an all-around, great exercise for seniors and should be considered when you’re looking at your loved one’s elderly care plan. Be sure to check with your parent’s doctor before signing them up for class. Once you have their okay, your senior parent will be opening the door on an exciting new way to stay fit.

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