Senior Care in Burnsville MNAs your parent ages, concerns arise regarding their ability to stay in their home. Your main concern is how to keep them safe when they are alone. As their family caregiver, you want to provide the safest environment possible. Knowing you’ve accomplished this will go a long way in producing peace of mind. The following areas have proved the biggest areas of concern. Fortunately, there are easy fixes in all areas that will promote a safer home for your loved one.

  • Rugs. Rugs are one of the key concerns due to their tendency to slip, causing your loved one to fall. Make sure that throw rugs have double-sided tape or a rug pad. If they are still not secure, your best bet is to remove.
  • Lighting. Check the lighting to include outside pathways, light by the front door, light in hallways and light in each room. A good time to test this is at dusk when shadows start to settle and can cause both physical and emotional disturbance in your parent. Correct lighting is essential to proper viewing for seniors. Consider installing motion sensors and placing nightlights in key areas such as bathrooms, hallways and stairwells. A clapper switch is also an important addition so that your parent can control lights remotely.
  • Bathroom. Make sure the toilet has a raised seat. Install grab bars in strategic locations such as in the shower and by the toilet. Make sure the towel racks are close to the shower for easy access. Place no-skid bath mats in the shower and install door locks that can be used from both sides, or remove locks in their entirety.
  • Clutter. Make sure there is room to walk around the furniture. Arrange furniture so that there is an unobstructed path from one room to another.
  • Floors. Do not use wax on floors. Be sure your loved one has no-skid socks for walking around the house in.
  • Kitchen. Consider installing a stove sensor that sounds an alarm if the stove is on and no one is in the area within a designated amount of time. If there is still no motion, the stove will shut off.
  • Living Room. Ensure chairs are at the right height to provide ease getting into and out of by adding cushions designed for this use. Train your loved one in the use of a universal remote for the television and stereo system.

A senior care provider can offer assistance with situations in the home that can be dangerous for seniors living alone, such as transferring into and out of bed or the shower, help with laundry accessed by stairs, help preparing meals, etc. Consider a home care provider to help improve safety at home for your senior loved one.

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