Memory issues related to Alzheimer’s disease or to other cognitive changes are heartbreaking to deal with as a caregiver. Your once self-sufficient senior now relies on you in ways you might never have expected. This situation also brings along with it a need for you to focus on specific safety concerns.

Safety Checks Are Crucial

Doing regular safety checks is already a good idea, but if your elderly family member has memory issues you can forestall so many potential problems. What youre looking for are general safety concerns, of course, but youre also looking for anything that could pose particular problems for your senior. Some of those issues might involve rugs that slip, handrails on the stairs that arent secure, or even just a great deal of clutter. The more that you do these safety checks, the easier they get and hopefully youll find fewer issues.

Make Time for the Refrigerator

Your seniors refrigerator can be more dangerous than you think, especially with memory issues. She might not realize that some food isnt safe to eat anymore or that its past its expiration date. When you prioritize cleaning out the refrigerator every week, you can help her to stay on top of what should still be there and what needs to leave right away.

Cabinets and Doors Might Need a Lock

Depending on the severity of your seniors memory issues, doors and cabinets might need locks. Child-proof locks can be highly effective, particularly on cabinets and interior doors. For exterior doors, you might want to conceal a sliding or chain lock or even use an alarm for those doors. These can help your senior avoid wandering and avoid accessing items that arent safe for her to access.

Household Chemicals Need Special Treatment

Household chemicals deserve a special degree of attention. Its vital that you store them somewhere that your senior cant access them at all. This might mean putting them in a locked cabinet or in a garage or shed that she cant get to on her own. Chemicals and cleaning supplies can often look appealing, unfortunately, and it would be disastrous for your senior to mistake one of these chemicals for a beverage.

If youre still fairly new to being a caregiver, keeping up with safety concerns for your senior might seem like an impossible task. Elderly care providers have a lot of experience with these concerns and can not only show you the ropes but also help you to determine which issues are most important for your senior.

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