During the summer months, its a wonderful time to get your aging relative out of the house and into fun activities that they will enjoy. It can be all too easy for disabled seniors to stay at home week after week, so family caregivers and home care providers need to push them into regularly making plans to go somewhere. If you tailor the activities to their interests and abilities, they can get out of the house and enjoy a fun-filled day.

Sometimes, coming up with ideas can be the hardest part of enrichment for an aging relative. All family caregivers need to do is ask their loved one what kind of outings they might enjoy. If they are reluctant to share, family caregivers and home care providers can prepare two or three suggestions for the elderly adult to choose from. Here are just a few ideas:

Sporting Events

Many communities have youth teams, city leagues, semi-pro and professional sports teams that elderly adults may like to watch. Whether its baseball, football, volleyball, softball, basketball or something else entirely, theres bound to be a matchup of some kind happening year-round.

Historic Sites

Its always enjoyable to spend hours wandering around a museum and many elderly adults who are history or science buffs will have a great time on this kind of outing. Besides museums, there may be living history sites or interactive tourist experiences that are interesting and informative.

Arts and Crafts Venues

Amateur and professional artists are always looking for venues to display their work, so family caregivers should look for art galleries, craft shows and artisan fairs in their area. Elderly adults can enjoy the outing and even support the artists by making purchases if possible. Many artists teach community classes to anyone who is interested, so thats another option for a fun and interesting outing.


Seniors have a lot of free time, and there are dozens of community organizations that could really use their help. From animal shelters and elementary schools to food banks and fun runs, non-profit organizations depend on volunteers to function. Setting up some regular volunteer hours with a local group may be just what a homebound elderly person needs to interact with others and contribute to their community.

Community Events

Everyone loves a festival and chances are there are many taking place in and around a seniors home town all year long. Summer brings Memorial Day and Fourth of July activities while autumn ushers in fall fun like pumpkin walks, Oktoberfest and Halloween. Of course, the winter holidays provide lots of outing opportunities while spring community events celebrate growth and beauty. Family caregivers, seniors and home care providers should frequently check the local newspaper to find events worth attending.

Getting out of the house gives seniors a chance to socialize with new people, learn new things, and have some fun. All of this leads to a better quality of life and a real boost to their health and happiness.


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