Senior Care in St. Paul MNWhether your loved one has a perfect memory or she’s dealing with an illness such as dementia, going over old, happy memories can be a wonderful pastime for you both. You might just learn some things about your loved one’s history and going over happy memories can boost her mood significantly.

Dig out Old Photos

Old photos can be a wealth of memories that you don’t even know to ask your elderly loved one about. Try digging through photo albums and boxes to find collections of photos. You might also want to talk to other family members about making copies or bringing over photos that they have saved over the years. You can even make a project out of organizing all of these old photos with your loved one.

Let Your Loved One Guide the Memories

When you’re exploring these old memories with your elderly loved one, let her guide the experience. As with the pictures, there may be stories and situations that you didn’t even know to ask about. Ask questions during your loved one’s story, but otherwise allow her to take you through the series of events as they unfolded for her.

Invite Other Family Members Over

Other family members can be a rich source of information about stories and memories that your elderly loved one might enjoy sharing. It’s also a great way for other family members to be able to find some common ground with your elderly loved one again. Often illness or other conditions can make family members nervous and keep them from interacting with elderly loved ones the way that they’d like to.

Don’t Force the Memories

While you’re going through these old memories, don’t try to force them. If your loved one doesn’t remember a certain event or doesn’t want to talk about it, let that be fine. You can record the stories that your loved one does share, either via audio, video, or simply your own notes about the conversation. Your loved one might open up more about those other memories during another chat.

These techniques can work even if you’re a long-distance caregiver. Senior care providers or other family members can help in person while you and your loved one talk about the memories.

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