A cluttered kitchen can be hazardous. If you are out of room for bottles of juice, it may be tempting to place them against the counter on the floor. That becomes a hazard. Crowded counters that have little space to place things may have your parents risking burns by placing hot pans on the edges of a sink or counter.

Kitchen storage is important when the goal is to keep the space clutter-free. Here are storage ideas that help keep the kitchen organized.

Use Plastic Storage Containers

In cabinets, pantry shelves, and refrigerators, use plastic storage bins to sort items and keep them contained. Put all smaller condiment containers together in a plastic bin. When something is needed, you pull out the bin and retrieve it. It’s better than digging through bottles that get pushed back and tip over and make messes.

Have a Space for Small Appliances That Aren’t Used Often

In a cabinet or pantry, you can put all baking ingredients like baking powder, baking soda, flour, and sugar in a covered bin. That keeps pantry pests out of them. Label each bin so that you can quickly find the items you need.

Place small appliances together in a tall cabinet. A pantry cabinet is the best spot to put small appliances that are used irregularly. A coffeemaker is typically used each day, but a toaster, stand mixer, and slow cooker probably are not. Have those in a cabinet where they’re easily accessible but not taking up counter space.

If your mom and dad’s kitchen doesn’t have a tall cabinet, aim for top shelves of cabinets. With a sturdy stool that has a bar to hold while climbing up and down, the appliances that aren’t often used are easy to retrieve.

Don’t Keep Items That Are Rarely Used

The only time your parents break out their good china is on holiday gatherings. The dishes take up an entire shelf in the kitchen and are only used once a year. It’s not always worth keeping those items.

If they’re attached and don’t want to part with the china, there’s another option. Remove them from the cupboard and put it in a plastic storage container that’s stored in the attic. It frees up cabinet space without requiring them to get rid of something with sentimental value.

Elder care aides can help your mom and dad keep the house clean and organized. When you have an organized kitchen and have elder care aides to help make sure everything is put away at the end of the day, you have a comprehensive plan in place to keep the kitchen a safe, enjoyable area for cooking and socializing.

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