Elder Care in Edina MNMillions of adults throughout the United States suffer from heart disease. This remains the leading cause of death for both men and women, causing 1 in 4 deaths each year and contributing to many more. If your aging parent is suffering from heart disease, one of the ways that their doctor might recommend treating the disease and its damage so that your parent can live a longer, healthier life is heart surgery. This can be a daunting situation and sitting down with your parent to have an open and honest conversation about it can help them to feel more confident going into the experience.

Use these tips to help you talk to your parent about the need for heart surgery:

• Reinforce why they need it. Doctors can seem intimidating and can use language that is not familiar or comfortable for elderly adults. Be sure that you talk to your parent about why they need the surgery and what the doctor hopes that it will achieve. If they have questions, be sure to ask the doctor and get them as much information as you can.

• Explain the procedure itself. If your parent is interested, do research with them and find out as much as you can about how the procedure is performed and what it will do for the heart after. Knowing these details may give your loved one peace of mind and help them to feel more confident about the procedure. If your parent is not the type of like details like this, however, avoid this topic as it might frighten them more.

• Talk about care after surgery. Reassure your aging parent that you are with them and that you will remain with them after the surgery. Let them know that you will create a care approach for the home recovery that will utilize the doctor’s guidelines and instructions to help them recover and live a healthier, stronger life into the future. Just knowing that there is a plan for after their procedure can calm your parent and make them feel more confident, while also preparing them for the lifestyle changes that they will have to undergo in order for their surgery to offer the maximum benefit.

If your aging parent will be undergoing heart surgery in the near future, beginning elder care for them now can be a fantastic way to help them get through the surgery and the recovery period in the best way possible. An elderly home care services provider can provide the assistance, care, and emotional support necessary for your aging loved one to get their mind and body ready for the procedure itself. When the surgery is over, this care provider can then step in to support their recovery efforts, giving them time to heal while also offering reminders for medication and treatment compliance, encouraging a healthier diet, and promoting safe activity as their body is ready to take it on. By starting care early, you are also giving your parent the opportunity to become accustomed to the care provider so that they are more comfortable with the care that they will receive throughout this time.


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