Home Care in Coon Rapids MN

Home Care in Coon Rapids MNFrom checking email and participating on social media to talking to long-distant relatives through Skype and other video chat websites, technology has become a part of most people’s everyday routine. For most, technology is just something they want to use, but for caregivers, it is a necessity.

Whether you assist with the caregiving responsibilities or a home care provider is hired to help the elder, here are a few tools that you will be glad you knew about.

  • CareRides: Older adults who are unable to drive will especially like this tool. CareRides allows them to quickly contact a driver using their smartphone in order to get a ride to their destination.
  • AskMarvee: AskMarvee is ideal for seniors who live alone because this tool will prevent them from feeling isolated. It is an Amazon Echo software tool that has several features on it, one being a Call Me or Check on Me option. It allows the senior’s caregivers to periodically check in on them by using the home hub.
  • grandPad: Technology can be difficult for older adults to use, especially since most of it came on the market a few short years ago. The grandPad tablet is designed for adults in their 80’s in order to make it easy for them to learn.
  • Automated check-in services. Elders who live alone do not have someone watching over them to make sure they are safe. That is where automated check-in services come in. This tool may include the voice of a doctor or nurse telling your loved one to take their medication, eat, or remember an upcoming appointment.
  • Wireless Home Monitoring: Home monitoring systems will alert caregivers or family members if there is an emergency at the elder’s home. For example, if they have not left a room for a long period of time, an alert will go out to inform the senior’s caregiver.
  • Health Tracking Tools: As your parent gets older, it will become even more important that they get a full physical exam each year. With the health tracking tool, all of their health information will be on one app. This includes their insurance information, medical records, and upcoming appointments.

These tools may allow your elderly parent to safely live at home alone, at least for awhile, but nothing compares to the companionship and care that a home care provider can offer. Not only will you feel peace of mind knowing they are cared for, but your senior loved one may be able to maintain a certain level of independence while continuing to live in their home.


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